Truth In A Heart

Tori was rejected by the social groups and grew to hate EVERYONE ESPECIALLY 1D(i love them though >~<)Anyways she ran into 1D by chance and slowly her whole look on life changes.


2. Realization

"Y-you're Niall!" Tori stood up and Niall looked up at her in surprise. "Uh yea I am?"he said slowly. "Thank you for your concern now I must go." Tori turned hastily completely forgetting what she was here for. "Wait!" Niall put a hand on her shoulder to stop her. She stopped and turned to look at him. "What just happened? I thought we were having a connection or something." he said. "Look I get that you're a celebrity and all and you must be used to girls being all over you, but i'm not one of them. i'm not a little "directioner" so goodbye." Tori moved his hand and walked off disappearing into the crowd.
Niall sighed and looked at the sketchbook still in his hands. "That was weird...maybe..just maybe..i'll find her again!" he smiled confidently and disappeared in his own little crowd.
After that every weekend Niall went to the same mall in vain attempts to find her and those same weekends Tori avoided the mall in hopes of never seeing him again.
"Get out of the house. Go! Shoo shoo! Into the mall you go." her mom pushed put of the car and toward the doors to the mall. She watched as her mom sped away. Tori looked at the entrance and sighed. "I might as well..I need new art supplies anyway.."she muttered as she grudgingly walked into the mall.
Here it was. The store she had missed so much yet hated just as much. The walls were lined with paint brushes, paint, pastel, and so many things it's impossible to name. The store was usually empty. Not many teenagers cared for art, especially not the way she did. She picked up all the things she needed, water color paints, pastels and a new journal.
Tori paid for the items and walked out for the store. She kept a careful eye out just in case she ran into somebody else. "Victoria." she heard a voice say. She jumped in surprise and almost threw her new journal in the mystery persons face. When he saw her arms rise he grabbed her wrist to stop her. "It's me!Niall." Tori sighed half in relief half in irritation.
"What do you want?" she lowered her arms. "I have your journal still."he smiled and held it up. "By the way fantastic drawings you have in here. You're a great artist." Tori snatched the journal away from him. "You looked through it?" her eyes narrowed. "You left it wiitth me for so long I couldn't help it." Tori sighed understandingly. "You're right. I would've done the same thing." Tori's stomach growled loudly and she blushed. Of all times, she thought. Niall laughed. "You wanna go get something to eat?" Tori nodded and followed Niall to the food court.
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