Truth In A Heart

Tori was rejected by the social groups and grew to hate EVERYONE ESPECIALLY 1D(i love them though >~<)Anyways she ran into 1D by chance and slowly her whole look on life changes.


8. Just the beginning

"Harry you tell her." Liam said. "What?! Why me?" Harry exclaimed. "Niall's too shaken up and your the next eligible person." Louis said. Harry sighed in irritation and walked into Tori's room. The others followed.
"Hey Tori we have some news for you." Harry began. "What is it?" she asked. "Well you're going to stay in a hotel room next to ours. Are you alright with that?" Harry asked slowly. Tori smiled. "Alright sure." The boys sighed in relief.
Niall carried Tori's things into her room. "Thank you Niall." she said as she flopped down onto the bed. Niall smiled. "No problem." he ruffled her hair. "You hungry?" Niall asked. Tori shook her head. "Alright well Harry will be here in a bit alright?" Tori nodded and Niall left the room. The door connecting their two rooms shut quietly.
After a few minutes Harry walked in. "Hey love you doing ok?" he asked. "Yea.."Tori muttered. "You sure? You're awfully quiet." he sat on the bed next to her. "I'm just wondering." Tori looked Harry in the eyes. "What happened before I woke.up?"
Harry got quiet. "Come here." he said. He stood up and held out a hand to her. She slowly took it and he pulled her gently into the other room.
The boys, who were in the process of throwing pillows at each other, froze. They put the pillows down and sat in various spots in the room. The boys usual playfulness seemed to have disappeared. They sat quietly, patiently and looked at Tori with a stare that said we're waiting.
Tori sat down confused but then again not so confused. "You start Niall." Louis said. Niall took a deep breath.
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