Truth In A Heart

Tori was rejected by the social groups and grew to hate EVERYONE ESPECIALLY 1D(i love them though >~<)Anyways she ran into 1D by chance and slowly her whole look on life changes.


9. Explanations

   As the boys took turns explaining various parts of the story Tori's expressions changed from various degrees of surprise. "So..that's how you ended up in the hospital." Liam finished.

  Tori stayed silent and stared down at her hands, trembling ever so slightly. The boys fidgeted nervously in the unsettling silence. "Tori...?" Harry asked slowly. Tori glanced at Harry, but continued to gaze at her hands. "Why did this happen to me...?" she whispered.

   "Tori..." Harry whispered. Tori looked up at the boys. "I'm serious. Why? Befriending you guys, I suppose...well I suppose I really didn't mind. But...I mean...why did it happen? Why did this accident happen? Why couldn't life continue on like normal? Why couldn't I just live on drawing and listening to music and hating you people but liking you at the same time?" Tori didn't pause in here speech.

   The boys looked at her in shock. They had, of course, expected some questions, but they hadn't expected those specific questions. They definitely did not expect them to come out in such a rush. Tori stared back at them blankly, waiting for an answer, she wasn't sure if she really expected one.

   "Tori...things always happen for a reason.." Zayn started. Tori opened her mouth to say something, but Niall cut her off. "Even the bad things have a reason." he said. "What are you guys trying to say...?" Tori asked slowly. "We're saying that no matter how bad it is maybe it helped you grow in some way." Harry said. "But...." Tori couldn't think of a way to finish her sentence. She let it hang in the silence.

   After a long silence Tori finally said, "If you guys keep telling me what happened do you think my memory will come back?"

   "It's worth a shot." Liam said with a small smile. The other boys slowly smiled and nodded in agreement. Tori at last smiled brightly.

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