Truth In A Heart

Tori was rejected by the social groups and grew to hate EVERYONE ESPECIALLY 1D(i love them though >~<)Anyways she ran into 1D by chance and slowly her whole look on life changes.


7. A Few Weeks After The Accident

Everyday for the next week the boys visited Tori. The boys had begun to familiarize themselves with Tori's parents the morw time they spent here. Her parents liked that she had someone tp take care of Tori when they couldn't and the boys were nice as it was.
Today was like any usual day. The boys were asleep, all but one. This time Harry was a wake while the others slept. Harry jumped when he heard a groan. "H-huh..?" someone muttered. Harry looked at Tori and rushed to wake up the others. "Wake up!" he whispered gently pushing thwm awake. "Harry..?" he smiled at his name. "N-niall? Zayn?" her once closed eyes open slowly. "We're all here, love." Niall said. Tori smiled. It lit up the once very quiet room. "I'll call the doctor." Liam stood. "I'll call her parents." Louis stood. "Parents?" Tori said confused. The boys froze and 5 pairs shocked eyes looked at her. She shrunk under the pressure. "We'll go." Liam and Louis rushed out of the room.
Ten minutes later the doctor and her parents burst in. Tori's mom hugged her tightly and her eyes widened in fear. Her mom let go and she shrunk under covers scared. Zayn coaxed her out from under the covers and stroked her hair reassuringly. "Do you know who this couple is?" the doctor gestured to her parents. Tori shook her head. "What about them?" he gestured to the boys. She nodded.
"Can I speak to you guys?" the doctor walked out of the room and everyone followed. "Did she hit her head?" Niall thought about it. "She might've, I can't remember." he said. "Well if she did she may have developed amnesia. She seems to only remember what she saw directly before thr accident. Everyone nodded. "We'll have to find her an alternate place to stay until she is comfortable with you two." Her parents nodded solemnly. "We have a hotel nearby. We could have her stay in one of the connected ones next to us." Zayn suggested. "Oh you mean the one where theres a door between the two rooms." Harry asked. Zayn nodded. "That'll do. Go in and tell her about her new arrangements." The boys nodded and looked at her parents saddened faces one last time before going to tell Tori.
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