Truth In A Heart

Tori was rejected by the social groups and grew to hate EVERYONE ESPECIALLY 1D(i love them though >~<)Anyways she ran into 1D by chance and slowly her whole look on life changes.


4. A "Chance" Encounter In The Music Store

Tori looked at the four boys. They each wore a hat that was pulled down to cover their eyes no doubt to conceal their identity. One of them looked over at Niall and Tori as they approached. "Hey your back!" she could see his brown curly hair under his hat. "Is this the girl you've been searching for?" another boy asked. Niall nodded happily. "It only took you 2 months or so." Tori looked at the boy from where the voice came from. He didn't seem to interested in her being here. "Why am I here again?" Tori asked. The boys looked at her in surprise then at Niall. "You mean you didn't tell her?"the curly haired one asked. "I did! She must've forgot or something." Niall said defensively. "Shouldn't we introduce ourselves?" one of the boys, who hadn't yet spoken, said. "Oh right, I'm Harry. This is Liam, Louis, and Zayn." He gestured to the other boys. "Nice to meet you. I'm-" "Victoria. Yes we know. Niall told us." Zayn said with a smile. "Just call me Tori." Tori smiled. "Tori it is then." Liam said.
"So we've heard how much you dislike our music." Harry said. Tori blushed. "I'm just not into the same things as those other girls. Especially since they talk about you so much." "Well, thats understandable." he said. "So what kind of music do you like?" Niall asked. "Pretty much anything." Tori looked through the cds. "Except us?" Liam asked. "Except u." Tori nodded.
"Hey!" Tori dropped the cd in surprise. "What Niall.Geez.."she bent down to pick it up but stopped when her bag was yanked off her shoulder. She looked around panickingly. She searched for the boys but they had disappeared to different parts of the store. She was alone in the far corner where not even a camera was in sight. The person took off with her bag and she instantly ran after them. "Hey Tori where are you-" Niall stopped when he saw the raw determination reflecting in her glassy looking eyes. She ran right past him and Niall saw the person she was running after. "Oh no..." Niall muttered and with that he ran after her.
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