My Music Store Boy. ( 1D Valentines day contest.)

My very perfect, romantic, sexy Valentines day with the wonderful Harry Styles. xx (for the 1SHOT41D contest!! Please read and like!!!) <3


1. Valentines Day With My New BF.

I'm the usual everyday girl. I get ugly hair days, wake up with wild bad breath and burp out loud. So alot of you might be thinking how can a girl like this manage to get Harry fucking Styles to want to be her boyfriend? Well lets just say Harry's been begging for a year now. He'd sit on my door step threatening not to leave until I'd say yes, He'd bring me takeout and would try to bribe me, He'd even result to sarenading me in the park once. I always said no.

Everything started one day when I was buying a new guitar at the music store. I went everyday. I looked at every single guitar until my eyes bled. I wasn't buying one until I knew it was perfect. One day I went extra early to admire a new shipment of guitars before others saw them. I was walking down my favorite aisle of acoustics when I saw him. He sat there with a tanglewood on his knee struming lightly as he hummed a soft tune. He was wearing baggy sweatpants that hung low on his hips exposing a definite V line. He had a jackwills tee and a light grey beanie on. Little brown ringlet poked out the sides messily and his eyes were closed. I knew who this boy was. Harry Styles. I kept  walking down the aisle trying to apear invisible as I passed him. But it didn't work.

"Hey, are you the girl thats here.. like everyday?" A british voice echod through the empty store. Wait.. he knows me?

"Um. Yeah. Are you Harry Styles?" What? Of course he is!! Stupid.

"Yeah. Hey, since your here everyday so you obviously don't have a life... I'm really bored, wanna go for a walk?" He teased.

"Excuse me?. I definitely have a life! I'm just trying to find the perfect guitar for me to bring home and I haven't found it yet!"

"You found me.. wanna take me home?" He flirted then let out a light laugh because he saw my stunned face. "I'm kinding! How bout I help you find that guitar?"

"Okay. Sure."

Since then me and Harry have been great friends. We spend loads of time jamming out, watching films and just talking on the phone. He's the best friend I've ever had. And back to the whole asking me out dealio, the truth is I do like him more than a friend. Well, I love him. I would have excepted his offer months ago if I was certain nothing would change. That -we- wouldn't change. I can't swallow the thought of losing him. I'd rather die.

The thing is, I'm ready. I'm caving in. I'm going out with my true love. When is a better time than good-old, overrated Valentines day?

Harry said he'd pick me up at 7:00pm. He showed up at my doorstep clean cut, freashly shaved and curls perfectly placed. This is best friend. This is my boy. My music store boy. We showed up at what looked like a marina. It was a really big dock filled with boats. He held my hand and lead me into a two story boat but could have easily been mistaken for a ship. We walked in and the entire deck was scattered in candles and in the middle was a blanket. I could feel myself blush as I felt Harrys gaze locked on me. It was overwhelming. I turned to him,

"This is too much..." I said but suddenly he shot me a dissapointed look, "No, I mean too much wonderful for one girl."

"You deserve more than this..." Harry said, "How can I say this... Ali, your not just 'one girl' your -the- girl." I looked up at his deep green eyes and I know its true. He is the one. I spent so much time worrying that I'd lose him as a friend if we took things to far, but now I see. There is nothing to be afraid of. I pulled him in and crashed my lips against his. I've fantasized about this kiss for so long that its hard to tell if it's even real. His soft kisses trailed down my neck and eventually found there way back to my mouth. His tongue traced the outline of my lips and I feel the passion of his kiss grow. I can feel the lust and love he has for me be the way he's holding me. Like he's afraid he might break me but still caressing my body like he owns it. I want him to own it. Its like I'm craving his kiss. I dug my hands into his curly locks and let out a slight sigh as he sucked on my bottom lip. I love this boy with all of my heart; I can't deny it.

He is my best friend and my true love and he's not going anywhere.



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