In With The Old, Out With The New.

Celia, Lee and Shane are the quiet ones in school. Outside of school, the trio are quite the pranksters. While awaiting to prank fellow students on Halloween Night, Celia is attracted to an abandoned house by a voice. Lee and Shane end up following Celia to the house, where they meet Nathan, a ghost who died during The Civil War.


1. Prologue;

Oh God, he thinks as he crawls through the tunnel, They're coming. His heart is racing as he's trying to escape. He hears the tunnel open and the Confederate Soldiers crawling in. He finds his way to the back of the secret room in the house and sees the rope.

"Through here!" a soldier shouts.

"At the end of the tunnel," says another.

"Hurry, dammit!" the final one screams.

By this time, he's already on the chair with the rope tightened around his neck. This is what you want, he reminds himself.


This is what you need.


This is what you want.


This is how I have to die.

He steps off the old, shaky, wooden stool.

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