All for One, One For All~ One Direction

Lucy, didn't mean for them to meet, but once she met Harry everything around her went away, all the pain and suffering. Lucy and Liam were twins, but they didn't know. As for they were separated at birth. Until one very interesting thing happened...


1. Keep Quiet

Lucy's POV

"You ready to go?"
Molly, of course was making me go to the doctors with her, she made me go absolutely everywhere. I didn't really mind though, she was in fact my best friend. We do almost everything together. I walked into the kitchen and standing by the door.
"Well? Are you?" She seemed a little frustrated, " Im going to be late."
I nodded my head and walked outside, into the cold February air. Jumped in the car and drove off. Molly took the AUX cord and plugged in her phone, I had no doubt who she was going to play.
"I gonna pick up the pieces and build a Lego house. If things go wrong we can knock it down," Ed Sheeran was being blasted throughout our car. Mostly Molly though, she was singing louder then the him.
"You know, I like hearing him, not you!" I shouted at her. All she did though was roll her eyes and started singing even louder. I laughed, staring at my friend as she bursted out with laughter once the song ended.
"We're here!" I sung.
"But this song just came on! Can we just wait one minute?" I said okay and listened. It was this 16 year old boy who auditioned for the X Factor two years ago. He got cut right after he got to Simon's house, and Molly loved him! "I really do hope that he took Simon's advise and is coming back this year! He was really good, and not he's older, too."
"Yeah I guess I do too, he was quite good." I actually admitted. "Oi the songs over, lets go!"
"Okay okay coming." Rolling her eyes at me.
Now because we live in Homes Chapel, we had about two doctors in the area, one for kids and babies and one for people over 16. We walked in and I sat down while she went to check in, took out my phone and went on twitter. She went to her appointment as I just sat and waited. I didn't really know what to do, twitter was dead and almost the only one was there. I heard the door open, but just kept my head down. Until I realized who it was, he was sitting right next to me. His hair was floppy and just amazing.
"Hello, I'm Harry," he said to me. His green eyes were piercing into mine, a little smirk on his face.
"Um, hi, I'm Lucy." I said a little shyly.
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