All for One, One For All~ One Direction

Lucy, didn't mean for them to meet, but once she met Harry everything around her went away, all the pain and suffering. Lucy and Liam were twins, but they didn't know. As for they were separated at birth. Until one very interesting thing happened...


2. Do I Know You?

He looked alittle shy too, I really didnt know what else to do or say, so I just looked back at my phone.
"You know, I'm in a band here in Homes Chapel. I can bring you sometime to see us play. Our name is the White Eskimos." I looked over at him a bit confused by this. " I know the names a bit werid I didn't pick it, Aiden did, he thought it was cool at the time."
"Oh okay, well maybe some other time, I mean we've only just met!" I said alittle meanly, I didn't mean it though. He's just a stranger to me.
"Well here," as he took my phone from my hand and put in his number. " give me a call, whenever." As he walked into his appointment with a wink.
I sat there alittle confused as to what had just happened to me, I couldn't believe it. Molly walked out three minutes later confused.
"Are you okay babe? You look scared. Did someone talk to you?" All I could do was look at her and nod my head.
"Can we just leave now?" I said. I didn't wait to see him again, like I was waiting for him to come out. She nodded her head and walked toward the door.
"You sure you're okay Luc? You look pretty worried about something."
I looked into her eyes and nodded, " I'll tell you in the car."As we finally got out of there and into the car, I see something out of the corner of my eye. Harry. He was walking towards out car, with his cheeky little grin on his face. "Go Molly, go!"
She sped out and into the street. "Want to go to lunch, I mean we can talk there."
"Yeah, sure," I said. "Just something small please."
As we got into the restaurant, I noticed some familiar people, said hello, and went quickly to out table.
"Okay here's what happened. I was sitting outside waiting for you at the doctors and this guy came in, he sat right next to me and was talking to me. I've never seen him before and he took my phone and put in his number. Oh and his name was Harry." I was out of breath by the time I finished and she was just smiling at me, like she was happy or something. "What are you smiling at?"
"Can I se your phone, please?" I handed it to her without thinking. What was she doing? Once I got it back I looked to see what she's done.
"You did not just do that. Did you?" She smiled at me and nodded. "I can not believe you!"
After about five minutes of talking and finally ordering I hear the door open, I was dreading who it was.

Harry's POV
It was a quick text from Lucy, I was shocked, she seems very scared when I was around. It didn't bother me, I liked being in charge. After my appointment she was gone and I wanted to see her again, so I did as she told me too.
"Hello ladies, how are you both?" I said, smirking, "Hi Lucy."
Her friend had a smile on her face, I didn't know why, but she looked a lot happier
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