Picture Perfect


2. Two

           "Try to look presentable," My mom said as she entered my room. I pulled my fitted black dress over my head.

            "Aw but mom, I really wanted to wear my burlap sack to dinner tonight!" I said sarcastically as I checked myself out in the mirror. Thankfully, my body was portioned in all the right areas. I had a pear shape, and my tight little black dress accentuated all my curves.

            "Very funny," She said. She looked me up and down disapprovingly. "Not like a slut either." She said. "Maybe you should throw on a sweater over it or something." My mom suggested.

             "Mom, it's summer!" I snapped. "Either I wear this or I'll put on pajama's you pick." I said annoyed. My mom chuckled and walked out of my room. 

              "We're leaving in five." She called down the hallway. I proceeded to put on red lipstick and then I slipped into some black Toms. I was waiting for the most awkward family dinner that I'd ever have to attend in my life. I knew that my mom was going to say something really stupid or rude. My mom is very honest, she always speaks her mind which is a good thing and a bad thing about her. She annoys the hell out of me mostly all the time but she's my best friend and for Jared's sake I really want to make a good impression on Alyssa's family. He really likes this girl, which is kinda weird. He's grown up so much. I mean, we're only two years apart but I remember when he was eight and I was ten and we'd make little mud pies out in the back yard. And now he's dating. 

           Good for him though. I'm really happy for Jared, and as long as Alyssa makes him happy than I guess I like her too. I just hoped that Alyssa's family would get along with us. Hopefully they weren't religious people because my mom has two kids from two different men and she wasn't married to either one, wasn't even in meaningful relationships with them either. Any 'good' christian would frown upon that, and if they were christian's than our whole family was one depressed hole of depression with all the sins that we do.

           Just as my mom calls down the hallway that she's ready to go Jared busted into my room. "You're lucky I wasn't naked just now," I scolded. I walked over to my closet and put a leather jacket on. 

         "You look like you're ready to go to the club," He said to me. What? Was that supposed to be a good thing? I couldn't tell, and didn't really care if it was supposed to be an insult or not. I just wanted this night to be over so I could come back home and snuggle up with a book and read until two a.m. 

          "Okay," I said nonchalantly checking my lipstick in the mirror. "Why'd you come in here?" I asked him getting sick of the awkward silence. 

           "Please don't make me look bad tonight Promise." Jared pleaded. I wanted to burst into laughter, but I figure I'd tease him after we get home from dinner. I placed a gentle hand on his shoulder and squeezed it reassuringly. "I really just wish I had someone to give me advice on what to do when I meet my girlfriends parents..." He said. I felt bad for him. He was  guy, he needed a father figure in his life. Someone to guide him though these hardships that boys faced. What was I supposed to say? I hadn't ever even had a boyfriend before and if I did I could always just go to my mom for advice. I guess in that sense I was lucky, where as Jared has to walk into situations with his hands covering his eyes. 

           "I haven't ever been in this situation but just be yourself...a little more polite than your actual self but you know what I mean. Oh! And no smoking, leave the cancer sticks at home and make sure you brush your teeth and wear cologne. No parents would want their daughter dating a smoker." Jared smiled brightly. 

           "One step ahead of you with that. Thanks Promise, I needed that." My mom screamed for us to hurry up and Jared left my room. Before I could walk out and turn off the light I checked my lipstick one last time. 

             ***    ****     ****    ****     ****    **** *****      ****   ***     ****        *******      *****  *****


            When we pulled up into the drive way I was instantaneously intimidated by the beautiful brick house waiting to be entered. It had to at least be three stories and there was a pond in front of it. 

            "Are you sure we're at the right house?" Jared asked nervously. My mom parked behind a Mercedes in front of the house. Great, rich people. They're almost just as bad as 'good' Christians in my opinion. My mom unbuckled her seat belt.

            "Posative, now am I going to be the only one who eats dinner with these people or are guys going to join me?" My mom said. Jared opened the passenger door and my mom got out and slammed her car door shut. I was the last to get out and I followed behind the rest of my family as my mom approached the big oak door and knocked three times. We waited for a moment before a cute curly haired boy answered the door. He was wearing a grey sweater showing off his collar bones birds beaks were tattooed on his skin. Okay, definitely not good Christians. I thought to myself. I think I was being obvious with staring at the boy because then I realized that the rest of my family was already inside. He cleared his throat and he stepped aside to let me in. 

           "Thanks," I said taking a step into the house, admiring the foyer and the staircase that made a slight curve as it went upstairs. This house was beautiful, without a doubt. The door closed shut and the boy started to walk in front of me and I followed him down a hallway. Family photos lined the walls. The smell of delicious food filled my nose. I was really excited to finally eat some good food for once (sorry mom). The boy took me into a dinning room that sat twelve people maybe even more. There was a big turkey dead center of the table with other side dishes clustered around it. I seen that my mom was talking to Alyssa's parents and Jared and Alyssa were holding hands and smiling and giggling. Sometimes I wish I had someone to giggle with but I wasn't envious. I knew that my day was going to come one day sooner or later. I just hope that I wouldn't end up like my mom, pregnant and alone. She was strong enough to take care of me by her self thankfully but what about me? 

           "Oh, and this is my daughter Promise!" My mom said calling me over. I made my way over to my mom and Alyssa's parents. A blonde haired man held out a hand and I give him a firm shake.

           "Hi, I'm Promise. It's nice to finally meet you." I said. The man smiled kindly. 

           "My name is Jeffery, and this is my wife Anne and her son Harry." I didn't realize that the cute boy was standing right next to him mom. 

           "Nice to meet you," I said with a smile. 

           "Great to meet you!" Anne said with a British accent. Either this was a joke or I just met a British person. As she gathered me in her arms for a hug my head rested on her shoulder and I was able to look at Harry. He glanced at me and then looked away quickly pulling his phone out of his pocket. "I hope you enjoy the dinner that we all prepared. My son baked the cake." Anne pointed to the cake on the platter on the further end of the table. It looked like there was close to no effort put in when it came to frosting the cake for there were patches of yellow cake showing through. 

            "The cake looks good," I said not meaning it. It looked like something my mother would've done.

             "No it doesn't," Harry said not even looking up at me. I bit the inside of my cheek. Why can't he just take the compliment? I decided to ignore him. After my mom made(what looked like to be awkward) conversation with Alyssa we finally sat down to eat. At the head of the table was Jeffery, next to him on his left was Anne and on his right was my mom. Next to my mom, Jared and Alyssa sat next to each other and on the opposite side Harry and I.

               The table talk was nice. It turned out that Alyssa's parents (although rich) were not complete assholes. Jeffery was a layer who owned his own practice and Anne could afford to be a stay at home mom because of it. They got married three years ago after Alyssa's mom abandoned them and Anne had been divorced for years until she met Jefferey after moving to the Untied States to give Harry a better education for university. 

              "Yeah, Harry is going off to Columbia in the fall to study psychology in New York. I'm so proud of him," Anne said hugging Harry. 

               "Really? Good for you Harry, my daughter just got accepted to Columbia just a month or so ago. I think she plans on going there too." My mom said. 

                "Really? What are you going to study?" Anne asked me. I leaned over the table to look at Anne. 

               "Same as Harry actually," I said looking at him with a smug look on my face. "It'd be cool to go to college with someone I knew actually." I said. For once this whole night Harry looked at me, his green eyes burning into mine. He was trying to intimidate me but it wasn't working. I noticed his curly hair and how it framed his face perfectly. 

               "Sure that would be cool." He said, as he rested his knee against mine.


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