Picture Perfect


3. Three

          I tried to keep my cool as I placed my hand under the table to fake an itch when I really just pushed Harry's knee away from mine. Harry cleared his throat and then stood up. Anne went to say something but Harry cut her off. 

          "I'm full, I'm going to go up stairs and go to bed," Harry said. What a bullshitter, who the hell goes to sleep at nine o'clock on a Saturday?

"But Harry you're not going to stay to eat your cake?" Anne said a hint of sadness in her voice. You could tell she loved her son, and wanted him to open up more to my family, but seemed to lack interest in this whole ordeal. Truthfully if it were up to me I wouldn't be here either, but I made a promise to Jared that I couldn't break. Besides, it was only one night. Hopefully this family dinner thing would only happen once in a blue moon and wouldn't happen every Saturday but hey. Again, it's only one day of the week.

Harry shakes his head his curls flying and Anne's blue eyes instantly saddened. "You can call me down when you're ready for dessert," Harry said trying to compromise on his mothers behalf. You could tell that Anne wasn't satisfied but Harry wasn't budging. I stood up abruptly my fork flying to the floor. I bent down to pick it up Harry chuckled behind me.

"Could someone please show me where the bathroom is?" I asked. Anne smiled in Harry's direction.

"Before you go up Harry could you please show Promise where the bathroom is?" Anne asked. Harry sighed and rolled his eyes in annoyance. I followed behind him and then Harry held open a door to a beautiful bathroom.

"Your welcome," he said going to walk up the stairs. Before he could get far enough I grabbed him by his arm making him face me. He looked shocked and pusses off but didn't remove my hand from his arm.

"Can't you just stay and finish dinner with everyone? Your mom really wants you to be there. It's only one night out of your busy week. Just do something nice for her please," I plead. I wasn't the greatest to my mom but for Gods sake I'd sit through a painstakingly long family dinner for her. Harry took a deep breath and placed his other hand on my wrist and removed my hand from his arm.

"Don't you have to use the bathroom?" Harry asked. I stepped into the bathroom and closed and locked the door behind me. I didn't need to use the bathroom. I just really wanted to tell Harry that in private. So I wasted five minuets in the bathroom checking out myself out and then I flushed the toilet and let the water run in the sink for a minuet. I walked out of the bathroom and found the dining room. I was pleased to see the back of Harry's head sitting in his spot next to me. When I sat back down at the table Harry looked over at me and smiled.

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