Kyla was just an ordinary 17 year old living an ordinary life, so she said. She didn't tell her story often, and only spoke amongst her closest friends. Although, things soon change as she falls, or well stumbles, into a whole new world.


21. Woah

"Woah...umm Ky? Why were you just in the car. with Harry Styles. KISSING!?" Cassie squealed.

"Long story...I'll tell you during lunch!"
"WOW, when Lola hears about this shes going freak! This definatly beats the news she has to tell you!"

"And whats that?"

"Oh you'll see during lunch...." Cassie grinned while the school bitch, Carrie approached the girls.

"Oh my gosh!! Ky! I've missed you!" Carrie fake smiled.

"Uhm....hi?" Ky questioned

"Like I've missed you so much this week girly!! Why haven't you been at school??"
"Um, it doesnt matter...."

"Oh I know that silly! But we should totally get together after school today! You could even have your little friend Harry!"
"ohhh i see what this is all about now! HAHA how about no!?!?! Youre not just using me for Harry! Now back off bitch!"

"You'll regret that Kyla! I will make everyone hate you. Don't under estimate me silly little girl!"

"Save it, hon. Now uh bu-bye!" Ky snapped while walking towards school.

"Niiiiiiiiice!" cassie laughed.

"I know!" Ky smiled while opening the school doors and stepping in, not expecting what happens next.

"By the way, nice sweatshirt? I didn't know you owned a JACK WILLS Sweatshirt?" Cassie questioned while the girls walked towards their lockers.

"Oh haha no its not mine, Harry loaned it to me since well my other clothes were kind of stained..."
"Woah there Ky!!! Getttt some!"
"NO NO NO!! They were covered in tea and they were soaking wet!! NOTHING ELSE!!"

"Haha I know, im just tickling your pickle! But eyyyy wet? What were you and Mr.Harold up to?" Cassie winked

"All we did was go swimming, sort of...NOOTHHHING ELSE! Do you understand???!"
"Yeah yeah yeah I was just jokin with ya KyKy!" Cassie laughed as they finally reached their lockers.

"BITCH! HARRYS MINE!" A girl in Ky's grade screamed while pinning Ky to the lockers.

"What? What are you talking about?" Ky questioned
"You know, you little slut. Don't act dumb, well actually you don't need to act. But still Harrys mine ALLL MINNNE and no one else's! You got that?"

"Uhh I don't think Harry even knows you,hon. Now please let go of me before I get angry." Ky smiled.

"Fine,but im warning you Ky. Everyones going to hate you now that you've converted into a little slut!!"
"This is like my 3rd boyfriend in my whole life? So slut my butt, Mrs.i can get any guy any night!!!" Ky laughed.

The girl just flipped her hair wand strutted away weirdly.

"Woah, all that because of Harry! I have a feeling this is going to be a long day...." Cassie sighed.

"We can only hope not. Now come on 1st period starts soon."



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