Kyla was just an ordinary 17 year old living an ordinary life, so she said. She didn't tell her story often, and only spoke amongst her closest friends. Although, things soon change as she falls, or well stumbles, into a whole new world.


5. Were Here

Kyla's POV:

"We're heeerrreeeee!" Lou screamed as we pulled up to Harry's flat with Liam pulling in behind us. I guess he was coming over too!
"Woah. This is amazing!" I drooled(Not literally) as we walked in his flat. This was amazing.

"I know I am!" Harry smirked.

"Oh get over yourself curly!" I laughed as I punched Harry in the arm. God this boy had muscles that could make a unicorn poop rainbows(that's a good thing haha)

"Curly, haha that's a new one!" Harry thought out loud. I just fake smiled. He noticed.

"No, I like it! Come on the rest of the boys are in the kitchen!" He grinned. So we walked to the kitchen, me taking in all my surroundings still hoping this wasn't a dream I was going to wake up from.

"Hey Hazz! Woah whos the lady?" Zayn winked.

"Hey there guys!" Liam said walking into he kitchen, his face buried in his phone texting someone.

"Where the hells my food!?" Niall screamed

"We kind of had a mishap and couldn't get in sorry Nialler!" Lou fake frowned

"Oh I see you brought back something even more delicious than Nandos!" Zayn smirked. I backed up behind Harry.

"Don't worry he's just joking lve, he has a girlfriend!" Harry reassured me.

"I still want my Nandos!" Niall complained

"Oh suck it up and eat something here ya big baby!" Louis laughed.

"SO how about we have a chill day and watch some movies?" Harry suggested.

"YEAH!!!!" They all replied in unison making snort the tea out of my nose that Liam had handed me to drink. All the boys starred at me. Oh god you've really don't it now Ky, theyre gonna think youre a loser!

"Oh my gosh sorry let me clean that up...." I began as the all broke out into a mad laugh. Niall's face turned beat red as he fell out of his chair laughing.

"Haha...no....haha.....its...hah...okay....ahahaha..ive got it!" Harry gasped in between laughs. Just then he began walking towards the sink to grab a towel when the worse thing possible happened.....Harry slipped on the tea mess on the floor grabbing me pulling me down with him.

"Oh look what you've done now! Oh Ky youre gonna get it!" Harry stated looking dead in my eyes.

"uhhh...sorry?" I questioned

Just then he pushed me into the tea mess making my clothes damp in tea as he burst out laughing,

"Youre going to get it Styles!" I yelled hopping up chasing after him. Of course he ran to the pool in the back. Although, when I got out by the pool he wasn't there? Did he sneak back inside? I sat there wondering when suddenly I felt myself being hoisted up by strong arms.

"NOOOO! DONT DO IT HARRY!" Just then I was tossed in the pool. "Youre not a smart boy Harry, now its war!" I laughed jumping out of the pool.

"Hon, you needed to get the tea out of your hair somehow!" He chucked. Deciding that revenge was needed I hopped out of the pool interrupting his laughter and jumping right on his back causing his shirt to become wet.

" Well I guess I had that coming for me," Harry adorably chuckled. "And you had this coming for you!!!!!!"
Suddenly I was being flung back into the freezing water pulling Harry along with me. "AHHHHHHH ITS SO COLD!!" Harry yelped. "I-I-I-K-n-o-o-w..." I shivered. Suddenly we were both standing there, In the middle of the pool freezing, but not caring. His emerald green eyes starred into my sky blue eyes and he began slowly leaning in creating the perfect moment. Seconds later our lips met making me warm all over. Gosh this boy can make my heart melt even when im freezing in water.


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