Kyla was just an ordinary 17 year old living an ordinary life, so she said. She didn't tell her story often, and only spoke amongst her closest friends. Although, things soon change as she falls, or well stumbles, into a whole new world.


4. Ride To Remeber

Kyla's POV:

Minutes later we had Harry's car gassed up and we took off to his flat. I cant believe i'm in the car with One Direction! Literally thousands of girls would be hyperventilating if they were in my position right now, hah. Well maybe I am a little on the inside im just a good actress(: Come on Kyla say something and break the awkward silence.....Luckily someone else broke the silence before I worked the nerves up to actually say something.

"So how old are you Kyla? Or Ky, can I can you Ky gorgeous?" Harry grinned not taking his eyes off the road.

"Yeah, actually my friends call me that! And im 17, turning 18 next week." I said while looking at my feet.

"Oh, im 18! I just turned 18 in February!" Harry exclaimed.

"And im 20, my birthdays in December!" Lou added.

Suddenly I found myself glimpsing at Harry. Oh boy he's so  cute. NO Kyla snap out of it he's famous! He could never like a girl like you.

Soon we found ourselves basked in pure silence for several minutes. Thankfully, Harry turned the radio on fully blasted. Never Say Never by Justin Bieber was playing, Harry just turned it up making me laugh.

"I WILL NEVER SAY NEVER! I WILL FIGHT! I WILL FIGHT TILL FOREVER, MAKE IT RIGHT! WHENEVER YOU KNOW ME DOWN I WILL NOT STAY ON THE GROUND PICK IT UP PICK IT UP PICK IT PICK IT UP UP UP....... AND NEVER SAY NEVER!" We all screamed while Harry sped down the gorgeous country roads. None of us could stop laughing, I was laughing so hard I had tears in my eyes. Harry reaching over and attempting  to tickle me but accidently swerved the car flinging us to the side dint help at all. After he gained control of the car and we all got over our "heart attacks" we just continued laughing but twice as hard.

This was definitely a car ride to remember!



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