Kyla was just an ordinary 17 year old living an ordinary life, so she said. She didn't tell her story often, and only spoke amongst her closest friends. Although, things soon change as she falls, or well stumbles, into a whole new world.


29. Fun

Kyla's POV:
We have been at Lou's house for awhile now. We've managed to watch 2 movies; The Devil Inside(I cowered in Harry's arms the whole time) and Love Actually, so we could forget about the scary movie, haha. Anyways, now were about to play Truth Or Dare, this should be fun..

Harry's POV:
This. has been. An AWESOME day! I cuddled with Ky while we watched movies, and now were about to play Truth Or Dare. Oh god...Lou can say some pretty crazy dares...lets see how this ends up.

Lou's POV:

MWHAHAHAHAH truth or dare! Lets just hope Ky and Harry chooses Dare(;

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