Kyla was just an ordinary 17 year old living an ordinary life, so she said. She didn't tell her story often, and only spoke amongst her closest friends. Although, things soon change as she falls, or well stumbles, into a whole new world.


24. Fall

They're right I don't deserve Harry. He's probably just being nice because he pities me. Gosh how could I be so stupid. I mean im not pretty, im not funny, im not cool. Im a dorky Kyla, bottom of the food chain. I guess ill call Harry and tell him im sorry for wasting his time, and give him one last good bye. I don't deserve to live, im useless. I could jump off the top floor of this school right now and NO ONE would care. I don't have a family, Harry just feels bad for me, and my friends don't really need me. SHIT I forgot my phone in the cafeteria. I guess ill just write a note for when they find my broken body.

Well here it goes;


Im sorry for wasting your time. I know I not good enough, I never was or will be. Good luck with you career, I hope you live a nice life. I really do love you, but I know you could never love me. I'm just a dorky ugly girl with a screwed up family. So, well, bye. Thank you for acting like you care. It meant the world to me. The past couple days I finally thought I knew what it felt like to have someone love me. Thank you and Sorry for wasting your time.



This is it, they will find the note in my pocket of my dismantled body. I don't deserve to live, no one loves me. This is it, time to jump Kyla. Come on you can do it all it Is, is a brief jump to your heaven,, you can be with mamma and papa. This is your fate. All you have to do is let both your feet jump from this window in the girls bathroom on the 3rd floor of school, then its all over. Everyone's better without you.

Here I go.

1 foots off.

Time to take the second foot off.

Jump to your happy place, Ky.

You can do this.

Slowly fall forward, youll be happier, so will everyone else.

Here I go....

"KYLA NO!" A soothing voice eked across the room as a strong pair if arms grabbed me.

"No! Let me fall I deserved to die!" I screamed.

"No, Ky. I wont let you. I love you. " His voice soothed me.

"No you don't, you just feel bad for me.' I shook

"No, Kyla, don't you ever think that. From the moment I saw you behind that bush I knew you had to be mine, you beautiful, nice, smart, funny, and real unlike other girls. Your going through a rough time and im going to help you through it. Don't ever try that again. I love you and don't you ever forget that!"
"But Harry..."
Then I was cut off my his soft lips. I believe him, now.

"I love you Harry."
"I love you too my Ky." He smiled.

"Bu-u-u-t how'd you know I was going to jump?"
"You friends, Lola and Massie?"

"Cassie." I corrected him.

"Ah yes Cassie. They had your phone and called me and said that you were in trouble and they couldn't find you. So rushed here and checked every bathroom, figuring you that's where you ran. Then I saw you in here about to jump and my whole world stopped. The thought of you dying killed me, if you would have jumped I would have jumped right after. I couldn't imagine living without you." He softly explained. "Come on, lets go home now."
And we stood up and started towards the car, him carrying me bridal style and us laughing hysterically as people in the halls starred with jealousy, envy, and hate.



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