Kyla was just an ordinary 17 year old living an ordinary life, so she said. She didn't tell her story often, and only spoke amongst her closest friends. Although, things soon change as she falls, or well stumbles, into a whole new world.


15. Await

Harry's POV:
"Ky, I-I-I-'m so sorry..."

"No it's fine. You needed to hear. I understand if you don want to be around me any more." She sobbed.

"No, you're staying with me. I love you and I wont ever let anything hurt you. You've been hurt to much and you don't deserve it. I love you so much I cant even explain..." I was cut off my Ky, she kissed me, hard. I kissed back. This was love we loved each other, and I hadn't even asked her to be my girlfriend yet, YET.

"Harry, you're the greatest thing that's happened to me, without you they probably would have killed me."

"Come on babe, lets go home." I said, then we began silently driving home. It was a good silence though. A silence I never wanted to end. Although, I only knew the ride from here on out was most likely going to have some bumpy roads.

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