Kyla was just an ordinary 17 year old living an ordinary life, so she said. She didn't tell her story often, and only spoke amongst her closest friends. Although, things soon change as she falls, or well stumbles, into a whole new world.


19. All eyes on us

About 20 minutes later we took off for the drive to school, singing along to the radio the whole ride. As we were blocks away a rush of relief calmed me as I noted that I wasn't late, but early for school(That's a change!) haha

"Oh god..." I gasped as we pulled in front of school in Harry's recognizable convertible, yes he also has a Range Rover.

"What's wrong love?"

"Seriously Harry...look around! Everyone sees me, in the car, with you. All the girls at my school are HUGE directioners...." I explained.

"Oh everyone? Does that include you?" He winked.

"I don't know, does it?" I said attempting to be cool.

"I think it does, babe!" He mumbled as leaning in to kiss me, in front of everyone at the school's front side! We kissed, passionately, getting in the groove when I remembered where we were. So, I unfortunately pulled away, noticing everyone standing outside of school was watching in shock.

"I better go now Curly..."

"Nooo I don't want you to!"Harry interrupted in a baby voice.

"Trust me, I don't want to either!" I moaned leaning in for 1 last kiss. "I'll text you in between classes."

"See you love, ill pick you up at 3. Have a good day while I sit at home enjoying my stuffed animal's presence!"
"Im sure you will, dork! See ya!"

So I hopped out of the car approaching school, with all eyes on me and the car I just got out of.



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