Undieing love

In this story it proves dreams really do come true! Hope you enjoy!



Sammy's pov

Where am I? It so dark. I reached for my phone and turned on the flashlight app and looked around. I was in the back of an alleyway. I was breathing heavily. I guess I had been running. I started to walk forward to see what alley I was in because there were a lot of alleys in new York. Obviously. I shined the flashlight around then it landed on some feet. Not my feet. Who was it? I slowly moved the flashlight up and it reflected off of something shiny. Oh my god. It was a knife. I could barely breath but I kept moving up the flashlight. Then it honed on the face. "AHHHHHH" I screamed. It was her! She was back out of jail as she had me in an alley with a knife! This I just like that horror movie I saw! What the heck? "hi samantha"she said with a small evil smile growing on her lips. "I kept my promise." I wanted to run, and hide, from her. That devil of a girl that came back to get me. "where is Louis??!"I asked worried. "right here Samantha." Louis' familiar voice sounded from next to her. "Louis help please! She is goin to get me!"I said. "why? I never loved you! I just played with your heart. How could I ever love a dirt pile like you?" he said laughing. "what Louis?!?" I said in tears. "I, I thought you loved me." I was crying hard by now. "why would he love you? He loves me and always has" Natalie said. "now, let's get back the promise." she started walking towards me and raising the knife. I was screaming for help but no one ever came or heard me. She lifted the knife to my neck slowly and I felt the coldness of it against my soft skin. Everything was happening so fast I couldn't breath I just knew I wasn't in a good spot to be.
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