Undieing love

In this story it proves dreams really do come true! Hope you enjoy!


14. The party

Niall ran over to the food and  as much as he could. It was like seeing a bear eating its meal. We all laughed at Him and he looked up with a face covered with frosting. We all laughed even harder. But there was still a question in the back of my mind, why was there an after party? "louis?"  I asked him "yes love?" "why is there an after party it's just a concert, I am happy there is one but why is there one?" I questioned. "do you know where we are?" he asked sarcastically. "uhhh in a building..."I said unsure of what he meant. "we are at Madison square garden Sammy!" he said yelling it happily. "ohhhhhhhh now it makes sense haha! Congrats guys!" I screamed so everyone could hear. I felt like I belonged there, like me and Hana SHOULD be famous and tour the world. What was I saying it could never happen. All I am happy about is that I'm having the greatest time Of my life by hanging out with my best friend and the hottest band in the world.
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