Undieing love

In this story it proves dreams really do come true! Hope you enjoy!


3. The concert

It was really dark back stage but it was worth it because ether guard opened a very wide black door and a super bright light shed through. There they were. Looking as perfect as ever. I could tell Hana saw them too because I could se rout of the corner of my eyes she was stopped dead in her tracks as was I. Then he looked up. HE was looking at ME. Louis tomlinson, a member of the most popular boy band in the world was looking at me in the eyes. "hello there" he said in is adorable accent. It felt like we were the only ones in the room. Like a spot light was just on us. And te Angela came flying down and sang to us. I looked up and there were five of them. Then I blinked and woke up from my fantasy to the spud of Louis voice. He was shakin me asking if I was alright. I was confused. Then I realized I was on the ground. Oh no! I had fainted in dent of this god! I was so imbarressed!  He lifted me up to my feet and gave me some water. I drank it fast and almost choked. As soon as I got over my fan girling freak out we started talking as if we had been freinds forever. Turns out we had a lot in common. We both liked stripes, the color red, and we were both obsessed with pigeons. Me and Louis were hitting it off really well but I looked over at Hana and saw that she was standing alone, why wasn't she with Harry?
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