Undieing love

In this story it proves dreams really do come true! Hope you enjoy!


35. the cabin

chris's pov "STOP CRYING YOU BABY" i yelled to hana. "please dont hurt me!" she screamed. i tied her up and three her in the trunk of my car. She was going to regret getting away from my the first time. i'm smarter now. i know that death isnt always the worst thing. instead im going to make her watch her friends suffer. one by one. HANAS POV Im in his trunk. im in the chris the killers trunk. he wasnt driving slow and everytime we hit a bump i hit my head on the roof of the car trunk. After a while i started getting dizzy and i blacked out because i hit my head to many times. CHRIS'S POV we were finally at the house. I had planned this for a while. Jail gives you alot of time to think. So i thought and planned out everthing. My sister came to visit me once a week and we talked in the code we had made up as children. She helped out. Her senetence is almost over and she will be out soon. A week or so. But when i got out me and natalee built a house deep in the woods. We passed what seemed like a million trees and we got to a point with not roa so we walked and walked about three miles. Then chopped down trees and built the cabin. we covered it im vines and branches to camoflauge it from a random hiker. Then i sent natalee to hana and her friends and our plan began to come to life. I got out of the car and opened the trunk. She was asleep. Must have hit her head to many times. i chuckled to my self at the thought. "WAKE UP YOU SLUT" I yelled to her. Oh yes. This plan was going to go perfectly.
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