Undieing love

In this story it proves dreams really do come true! Hope you enjoy!


29. Scar

Harry's pov

I hate seeing Hana like this it makes me feel so bad. Like its all my fault. I just didn't want her to hurt anymore. So right then and there I made a promise to myself that I would never let anything happen to her or Sammy. I felt like a big brother to Sammy so I had to protect her too. But Louis does a good job at that any way. "I'm alright Harry, really." Hana said. She looked up at my eyes and gave me a reassuring smile. I held her hand as we walked down stairs. We watched tv for a bit but we all started getting hungry so we went down to Nandos for some lunch. We all stuffed ourselves until our pants were to tight then walked home. That was the second time that we had gone out in public with Hana and Sammy. So far only one person has sent hate. Maybe our fans are supportive? Hopefully. When we got to the house everyone was stuffed and it made us so tired. Sammy and Louis fell asleep on the couch together and Niall, zayn, and Liam fell asleep in the game room. Me and Hana were the only ones awake. I motioned for her to follow me. We walked up to my room and sat next to each other on the bed and just talked. The sound of her voice was calming and it made me sleepy but I tried my best not to fall asleep. We talked about our lives, likes and dislikes, places we went for fun. Just like we had been good friends for ever. Even though we only met about three days ago. It felt like forever until she finally fell asleep and her head lightly fell onto my chest. She was so pretty when she slept. I looked down at every little detail of her face. I noticed part of her hair that was usually over her ear had fallen back revealing a line running from her hairline to the bottom of her ear. It was a scar! From what? Had she had surgery? I kept thinking up more questions and running them through my head but never being able to find an answer. I decide to sleep on it. So I slowly leaned my head onto hers and drifted off to sleep. 
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