Undieing love

In this story it proves dreams really do come true! Hope you enjoy!


19. Morning harry

Hanas pov

I grabbed some pancakes and quietly ate them. I looked up an met Harry's eyes then quickly looked down at my food. I put a big bite of pancake in my mouth then looked at Sammy, se was stuffing her face, like always. I felt a soft but firm hand on my shoulder and looked up to see Harry standing above me. "morning Hana" he said cheekily. "morning Harry." I chuckled. "come with me, I have something to tell you." he said. I stood up and followed him to a room upstairs that looked like his room. Messy. I laughed to my self then sat on the bed. He stood in front of me an never sat down. He started talking, "Hana, I am so sorry for not talking to you, I have just been busy lately. I am so sorry Hana." he said. He looked so ashamed of himself. "it's ok Harry, I know you were busy." I replied. He smiled then leaned in. What was he doing? But before I could move away his lips were on mine. I wanted this moment to last forever. Then we heard footsteps walk in to our room. Ugh the guys came up to  the room to see if we where ok. "ooooh lalaaaa" Louis said along with more ooos from the rest of the guys. "you guys are so immature." I tried to say seriously. But I laughed after Harry poked my side. He started tickling me and I ran out of te room with harry hot on my tail. I tripped and landed on the couch with Harry staring down on me. He had look of evil then he broke into a huge grin. He slowly approached me and I was screaming and laughing at te same time. His hands were inches from my stomach   I screamed even louder then he started tickling me like crazy! I was laughing And laughing harder then I had ever laughed before. Then he stopped. Phew. He was laughing at the sound I made when I laughed. Harry then plopped him self down on the couch and I sat on him. We were meant to be. I laughed harder because of the face he was making. I got off if him then sat on the couch beside him and we turned on the tv. I loved this boy so much
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