Undieing love

In this story it proves dreams really do come true! Hope you enjoy!


21. Is that bad?

Louis pov

I had a girl friend again! But isn't this to soon? I mean I just broke up with el and shouldn't t I wait a bit? I kept running these questions through my head while we were hugging. We started I pull out ten she looked up at me and ad we looked into each others eyes. I leaned in and gave her a kiss on te cheek. She let a huge grin grow across her face. I smiled back and she laid her head on my chest. Maybe r is time to get a new girl, I mean the guys have been saying that I was acting glum lately. Yes I needed Sammy, ad I loved her but I wanted to take things slow. I mean se was 14 and I was 21 isn't tht bad? No age just a number I don't care what other people say. 
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