Undieing love

In this story it proves dreams really do come true! Hope you enjoy!


34. Harry did his best...

Sorry I haven't posted in a while!!! this chapter will be very long.

after me and Hana's talk, she seemed kind of distant. almost afraid of me maybe? I am GOIG to change that. "hello? 911?" I said into the phone. "yes 911 what is your emergency?" the lady on the other end said calmly. "yes it is a small emergency but has Chris hariss been real eased from jouvie?" I asked. "let me see" she said. "yes he was released yesterday from the New York City juvenile detention center and he took a cab down to a little neighborhood that he said his mom was living in." my eyes widened. "what was the address??" I said almsot screaming. then there was a crash and a scream down stairs. "mam please send help to (address) we have a break in and he might be trying to kill my girl friend and me!" I said. "ok the police are on there way along with an ambulance hang in there." then I hung up and ran down stairs with a base ball bat. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. Right before me were all of my best friends unconscious on the floor and my girl friend in the arms of... him. Chris. he was here. in my house. "GET OFF HER" I said. they both looked up and I saw Chris had a knife to Hana's neck with an evil grin plastered on to his face. Hana was scared down to the bone and she was crying silently. Chris slowly walked out of the room and brought Hana up stairs into the bathroom. then the police pulled up and I pointed them up stairs. when they got to the bathroom it was empty and the window was open. on a piece of toilet paper it said "I got her, come find me." then I broke down crying and the people from the ambulance checked out the boys and sammy down stairs. all I could think about was Hana. Hana. Hana.
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