Undieing love

In this story it proves dreams really do come true! Hope you enjoy!


13. Hanapoo

Sammy's pov

Awww my little Hanapoo is growing up! I am so happy for her and Harry! But what about me and Louis? Did he like me too? I hoped he did... I turned back to Louis and looked into is handsome blue eyes. I was a sucker for blue eyes. I didn't notice but e had turned back to me and noticed my staring. He chuckled a bit then he put his arm around my shoulder. I felt like screaming of joy! "Sammy, would you like me to drive you home?" he said. What? What did this mguy just say to me? We just met and he thinks he can drive me home? YES I wanted I say but I just stared astonished at what he had let come  out of his mouth. "sure" I managed to let out. He ten motioned for Hana and Harry to come over to us. They quickly walked over and then Louis said, " I'm going to drive Sammy home do you guys wanna come along?" he said it loud enough that the other guys heard and came over and asked if we could stay for the after party."well I am kind of hungry, but i have to ask my mon first." I said embarrassed that I needed my moms permission. "me too" Hana said and followed me out of the right room. I dialed the number. "hi this is Becky" my moms familiar voice said. "hi mom! "hi sweety what's up" she sounded tired, "oh nothin much but me Hana Louis and Harry are like best buds now and they wanted us to stay for the after party, and I wanted to chek with you first so is it ok if I stay? Thy offered to drive us home." I said hopefully. "umm well ok but when you get home make sure that you are quiet." "ok mom I love you and thank you so much!" Hanas mon said yes too so we went into the now decorated right room to tell the boys. "they said yes! And you can drive us home too" I said excitedly. "yay!" the guys said symotayniously
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