Undieing love

In this story it proves dreams really do come true! Hope you enjoy!


20. Dating!!

Sammy's pov

The boys followed Harry and Hana out and I'm guessing Harry caught Hana because I coul hear her laughing down stairs. It was just me and Louis sitting in a game room tht they had in there flat. We sat down in front of the wii and started a game of Mario kart. He was really good but every time he started winning I would "accidentally" push him so I would win. Then he would would say "I was letting you win any way" then we both would laugh. This continued until about 1pm and I screamed really loud. Louis paused the game and all of the boys came into the room an sake what was wrong. "my parents! Aren't thdey wondering where I am?" I was so worried. "oh haha, they called at about 7am and woke me up, they said that you could stay a along as you want. Same with hana's parents." Louis said. "phew" I said and I fell on top of Louis. Then I screamed again but it was full of giggles. "what is it?" Louis said looking concerned. "I NEED FOOD!" I said probably do the neighbors could hear. "haha that's a real woman!" Niall said. I lagged so hard then ran down stairs and grabbed some pizza from the fridge ad warned it up in the microwave. Louis walked over with a sandwich and a mad face. "what's wrong boobear?" I said to him. "you took my pizza..." he said with a pouty face. "haha you snooze you loose!" I said playfully. Then he grabbed the crust in m had and ran up to his room. I chased after him and jumped on his back. He threw me on the game room couch and licked the crust. "hey!" I said then grabbed the crust and stuffed it in my mouth. He just stares at me wide eyed. "what?" I asked. "you ate it when I licked it! Do you know what that means!" e said excitedly. "it means you didn't get any pizza!" I chuckled. "no it means we are dating! Let me show you the rules." Louis said. Wait what? We are dating? I asked my self as he pulled out his phone. He showed me the rules of dating link ad I read every single one. Then I looked at the last one and looked up at Louis. "I guess we are dating Lou! YAY!" I said thn gave him a big hug.
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