Undieing love

In this story it proves dreams really do come true! Hope you enjoy!


31. Blood in dreams

Louis' pov

"Sammy? Sammy wake up what's wrong? Sammy? Sammy?? Sammy wake up! Please wake up what's wrong?!" I kept pleading but she wouldn't wake. She looked as if she was about to die or something! "no please Louis help!" she said. "Samantha in right here wake up!" I replied. Everyone else had come down into the room and were trying to wake her up. She said she was a light sleeper! "no Natalie please don't do this! I'm sorry! Don't kill me!" she said. The last tree words kept echoing in my head. Don't kill me. "Sammy wake up! Wake up!" I was shaking her shoulders but she wouldn't wake up!
Sammy's pov
Natalie had me by the shoulders and was shakin me so hard! Then she stopped and took the knife back to my neck and started laughing my name. Then she slowly but deeply took the knife and cut the skin letting the blood
drip down my neck like a red waterfall. "Ahhhhhhh!!!"
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