Undieing love

In this story it proves dreams really do come true! Hope you enjoy!


32. Awake and Truths

Louis pov "ahhhh!" she screamed then her eyes popped open an she started screaming and feeling her neck and then she looked up at me an cried. I had never seen her like this. "Samantha what was your night mare about?!?"I asked worriedly. "she came back and got me an you never love me Louis! Why don't you love me?!" she said an she was rocking back and forth on her heels. "I do love you sammy! Why would you think different?!" I asked almost demanding. "because you said you never loved me... It felt so real Louis please don't ever leave me!" she said crying harder. "I won't ever leave you Sammy. Never in a million billion katrillion years!" i said trying to make her laugh. She chuckled a bit and then nodded and I put her in bed and snuggled up next to her. She put her head on my chest and fell asleep. She looks do peaceful when she was asleep. I fell asleep while looking at her cute little features, little nose to the wavy hair that was a little messy.

Harry's pov
"well that was odd!" I said loudly snapping everyone out of there trances. I had to talk to Hana soon. I really wanted to know what that scar was about. "Hana? Can I talk to you like now?" I asked her. "sure Harry" she said curiousness written on her face. We walked into my bedroom upstairs and we both sat on the bed. Then she just sat and looked at me. Silence. "Hana? What is that scar you have from?" I asked. Her face went from curious to scared and she looked like she had been hiding something, but what?
Hana's pov
Oh no. He asked me. I couldn't tell him about it. I mean it happened right after I left but I doesn't matter. "what scar?" I asked trying to play it cool. "the one right behind your ear." he replied "oh that scar... It's nothing..." I said. "no it isn't please tell me Hana." he said pleading me. "ok truth time... That scar is from...
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