Undieing love

In this story it proves dreams really do come true! Hope you enjoy!


26. At the park and bad things

Sammy's pov

Me and Louis held each other close while we walked to the park. So did Hana and Harry. I looked up into his eyes and kept looking until we got to the park. It felt weird but I didn't know what else to do. The walk wasnt fun any way so I entertained my self by looking into his eyes. When we finally arrived at the park we say down on a bench just me and Louis and talked for who knows how long. Mainly about our lives. We talked about first loves, crushes, break ups, activities we liked to do for fun. It was perfect. The weather was sunny, a little bit of wind, but not a cloud in the sky. I felt like I belonged. I haven't felt that in, well, I have never felt that. We never ran out of things to say but we just stopped and looked into each others eyes. Memorized at how lucky we are. Then our gazes were interrupted by a snooty sounding voice. "Hey! What are you doing?" it was a girl. She looked about my age, maybe a year older. "I asked you a question!" she said again. "I'm on a date with my boyfriend. Why do you ask?"I said as happily as could be. "oh, THAT is your boyfriend? Wow." she said again. "what?" I asked confused. "well your are, you, and he is, him. You know sluts and popstars don't mix." she said angrily. "excuse me?"Louis said. "stay out of this Louis." she said then grabbed my arm and pulled me from Louis' arms. I looked back at him with a worried look and he stood up fast. She pushed me away from him then pushed Louis onto the bench and yen sat down next to him. I wasn't jealous because Louis wouldn't leave me for, that. She started running his chest with her hand and Louis kept pushing he away but she came back like a sucker fish every time. Then she leaned in really fast and kissed him. He tried moving back and standing up by he elf him in place. I couldn't do anything. I was frozen in place. What was she doing?! I just sat there wide eyed and mouth dropped low. She just kept kissing him and Louis sat there helpless. Why couldn't he just push her off? He was a man and she was a woman. Men are stronger it's just the nature of the beast! Then I looked down on her arms and saw she ha HUGE muscles. What the heck? She must work out. A lot. She pulled away and Louis struggled to break free. He walked over to where I was on the ground. I couldn't move or breath or talk. I just stared off into space. He hugged me and held me close while dialing 911. The police arrested the girl for assault of a famous person (if that even exists) and drove off. Louis lifted me up and carried me bridal style all the way home. He put me on the couch and just stared at me. I still couldn't move. I was still in shock at what happened. He walked over and sat down next to me and took yet hand in his. "why did this have to happen sammy. Why did that thing have to come and do this. You probably hate me now and never want to talk to me again but I want you to know I love you from the bottom of my heart. Please forgive me Sammy." he said. I felt the feeling come back in my arms and then I nodded my head and he hugged me tight. Then I started crying into his shoulder. I was soaking his grey t shirt but I didn't care. I just wanted him to hold me and never let go. I stopped crying and looked up at him. He leaned in and gave me a soft kiss on the lips and then we hugged and cuddled for a while after that. then I fell asleep. Not a light sleep but light enough to hear the world around. 
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