Titanic; on the other side of the Iceberg

This is about Titanic, except it is told from someone who was not originally on the ship! I used all of my great knowledge on ships and the ocean and Titanic to write the story.


9. Titanic

 At 11:39 pm, I woke up to the sound of three bells and the sound of someone yelling 

   "Iceberg right ahead!" I was still sitting on the side of the iceberg that sank the SS John. The man that was yelling was on the Titanic, the gigantic unsinkable cruise liner on her way to New York from Liverpool. As she drew closer, I started yelling 

    "Hey! Help me! Over here!" But, they couldn't hear me. As Titanic  drew closer, I could see someone standing at the bridge, whispering something. I could also see two teens, a girl and a boy, standing in the well deck. I recognized one as Rose DeWitt Bukater, the famous newspaper headliner. The Titanic was turning to port, but she was also slowing down. As she got closer, I got a sense to run to the other side of the iceberg, and when I did, I was glad because the Titanic hit the iceberg that exact second, and the place where I was standing on the iceberg broke off and fell. I heard someone yell "Hard to port!" and the ship started turning the other way. The iceberg stopped striking the Titanic, and the iceberg passed the stern. The Titanic stopped moving, and I could already see that they were sinking. I was confused, because it was universally known that the Titanic was unsinkable. I started climbing down the 50 to 100 foot tall iceberg, down to the freezing cold seawater. I saw in the distance that some of the debris from the John was still floating around. As I started my descent down the iceberg, I started wondering how I was going to get to Titanic. Of course, though, I had an idea. When I finally got to the bottom of the iceberg, just 6 inches away from the freezing cold water, I started chipping away at a large sliver of the iceberg. My hands were completely numb by the time that the sliver broke off, and my fingernails had all broken. I pushed the sliver into the seawater, plopped myself onto it, backside facing the sky, and started paddling towards the Titanic. Already, the Titanic's nameplate had gone halfway underwater. The ship was surly going to sink, unsinkable or not. As I paddled closer and closer to the gigantic liner, I could see passengers being put into lifeboats and being lowered away. I could also hear screaming and see the chaos that was on the decks. Some guys in tuxedos were playing instruments, probably trying to keep everyone calm. I suddenly heard a gun being fired, and more screaming. The Titanic's well deck was well underwater, so I started paddling towards that area, so that I could get onto the ship and hopefully into a lifeboat. But halfway between the Titanic's well deck and the iceberg, I fell into the water. The freezing pain was so bad, it felt like a thousand knives penetrating my body all at once. I almost couldn't swim. But I knew that this was a matter of life or death, I had to get out of the water. I dog-paddled as fast as my numb hands would go, then finally I came to the well deck. It was now completely underwater, so that made it easier to get over to the stairs. I opened the gate to the stairs, and started walking. I walked halfway to the  stairwell leading to B deck, when my legs gave way. I fell down the stairs, back into the freezing water, now rising more rapidly. I wiped the blood from my nose onto my shirt, and started my ascent to the boat deck once more, just like the itsy-bitsy spider climbing up the water spout. I came to the stairwell on A deck that led to the Boat deck, but someone pushed me out of the way to climb up the stairs and I fell onto the railing. The water started creeping up my back and onto the deck, so I got up. I opened one of the windows, and squeezed through. I ran out the door on the other side of the room and ran down a long hallway. I came to a grand staircase. I ran up the stairwell, and out the exit. I had finally came up onto the boat deck, but every davit in sight was no longer holding a lifeboat. I cursed to myself and started wandering up the boat deck, up to the first funnel. It was huge! I didn't have much time to admire the smokestack though, because right then the churning seawater reached the boat deck. 

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