Titanic; on the other side of the Iceberg

This is about Titanic, except it is told from someone who was not originally on the ship! I used all of my great knowledge on ships and the ocean and Titanic to write the story.


10. The Final Plunge

    When the water reached the boat deck, even more chaos happened. Everyone was running around in circles, not knowing where to go.  As the water kept slithering up the boat deck, I slipped and fell because of the tipping ship.I slid all the way back into the seawater, giving myself floor burns on both knees. I sucked up the tears and proceeded to resume climbing to the stern. As I was running, I tripped over a child lying face down on the deck. I tumbled into the open door of the grand staircase and I rolled through one of the breaks in the railing. I fell down two decks, and slammed into the freezing cold water once more. When I got up, I looked all four ways for any means of escape, but I some none. I saw a door marked CREW ONLY, but didn't take it. However, I realized that the water was rising at an accelerated pace now, and i decided that i would do it. I swung the door open, and ran down the long corridor that followed. I came to a door, and behind it was another staircase. I started crying because I was in pain and i was lost and I didn't have any hope of surviving. I went through one last door and came to a window. I  poked my head out of it, and found that I was on the B deck promenade. I ran down towards the rising water down at the bow part of it, and swam out one of the windows so that I could get to the boat deck and perhaps a lifeboat. I swam over to the falling boat deck after squeezing through the window, and climbed onto it. As I was climbing past the number 5 lifeboat davit, the most horrifying thing happened. The first funnel made a screeching creaking noise, the guy wires holding it up snapped, and the funnel fell, creating a gigantic splash. As I kept climbing to the stern, the bow dipped lower and lower. Everyone was just crazy scared. As I was running past the third funnel, the worst thing possible happened. The ship started to bend, bending all the way to one side. Then, under all of the strain, and with a large cracking sound, the Titanic broke in half, Boat deck to double bottom. Thankfully, I was past the fourth funnel, and I started climbing to the stern's very tip, thanks to the leveling of the deck from the breaking. However, the ship started to rise at a very high pace, not giving me enough time. I jumped to the deck below, only to slide to a closed door and smash the glass in. I thankfully hung onto the edge of the door frame and managed to pull myself up. I then jumped the other two decks to the well deck, and I heard a cracking sound in my legs. I was bawling under the pain. Using the side of the well deck to support me, I jumped off of the Titanic, back into the freezing water. I watched, horrified, as the huge stern of the "unsinkable" Titanic slipped beneath the waves. I was just about to give up and freeze to death, when someone plucked me out of the water and into a lifeboat. I didn't get to see his face before I blacked out, but I do remember hearing the hundreds of drowning, freezing voices of the passengers crying for help.

   But they never got it.

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