Titanic; on the other side of the Iceberg

This is about Titanic, except it is told from someone who was not originally on the ship! I used all of my great knowledge on ships and the ocean and Titanic to write the story.


7. The Aftermath; Day 4

When I woke up, I was laying on the deck of the stern. I found out that the storm had blown us way off course, and we were now crossing the J-Anomaly Ridge. I also found out that the ship was still intact, and we were taking an immediate "runaround" as Captain Charles said, which meant we were turning around as fast as we could to get back onto course. As soon as I woke up, Edward forward. I could see that he was working on healing Samuel, one of the engineers.

   "Are you OK Ed?" Edward asked.

   "Yes, Edward." I replied.

   "Well, the captain told me to make you get back to work once you woke up, the forward mast bent over" He said. So, I got up, got my tools, and went over to the forward mast. Edward was right. The mast had been hit by the wave when it hit probably. I had to push it into the correct position, then attach support to it so that it didn't fall over anymore. When I was all finished, I climbed down from the ladder I was using. It was 6:00, April 14, 1912. As I was climbing down, I saw something dead ahead, about 20 meters ahead of the John. When I looked closer, I saw a huge iceberg, about 50 to 100 feet high.

   We were heading towards a huge iceberg.

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