Titanic; on the other side of the Iceberg

This is about Titanic, except it is told from someone who was not originally on the ship! I used all of my great knowledge on ships and the ocean and Titanic to write the story.


8. Iceberg!

    I was stunned. I flung my tools over to the forecastle, and raced to the bridge.When I got there,. I saw a horrifying sight.  First officer Greg Haply, the officer in charge of the wheel, was laying over the wheel, a knife stuck in his head. I grabbed him, flung him to the side, and started turning the wheel to starboard, so that the rudder would turn, turning the boat away from the iceberg. However, I had turned the wheel a little too much, and it broke off right in my hands. I tossed it out the window, and I just stood there. As the iceberg drew closer, I started sweating, and my life flashed before my eyes. When the iceberg came withing 3 inches of the boat, It finally started turning. But the iceberg hit, right on the front. When it hit the front, it started scraping down the port side. I raced down from the bridge, to the deck, and attempted to push the ship away from the iceberg. When I got the iceberg away from the ship, the boat was already taking on water, as I saw. I ran to the cigar room, where everyone was, including the captain. It was cigar night. When I got down, everyone was playing poker. Frank was the first to notice me.

   "Hey, Ed, whats your trouble for? Why are you sweating?" Frank asked.

   "We struck and iceberg!" I screamed. Everything stopped. Then, everyone was laughing. As I watched them laughing, I saw a horrifying sight in the opposite doorway. Already, churning seawater was starting to gather in the hall. Edward noticed that one.

   "Hey, guys, Ed's right! Look!" Edward said, pointing at the water. When he did, the cart of cigars came barreling down as

effect of the tipping, and hit Frank. Frank slammed into the wall, and died. Everyone could see that. After that, chaos happened. Everyone rushed out the same door, the one without water in it. when we all got onto the deck, we tried to get the boats off of the davits. As we did, the forecastle went underwater, and the water started to climb up to the bridge. The mast that I was working on well over on us, crushing Captain Charles. the water was now reaching the bridge, and Greg floated out of the wheelhouse. I yelled that we didn't have time for the boats, but Samuel slapped my stomach  and I fell off the deck, into the freezing cold water. When I came to the surface, I saw the ship pass beneath the waves, taking everyone with it because of all the wiring. I was the only survivor. I climbed onto the iceberg that we hit, which was still standing there, and I blacked out. But before I did, I thought I saw Edward swimming away.

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