Titanic; on the other side of the Iceberg

This is about Titanic, except it is told from someone who was not originally on the ship! I used all of my great knowledge on ships and the ocean and Titanic to write the story.


6. Day 3

 On day 3 of our trip, when we were passing the Hatteras Ridge, a storm hit. The worst one to be sailing in. Everyone was running around, trying to keep things a OK. Charles was helping Edward shovel the foaming seawater out of the boat. Frank was making sure none of the masts were uprooted from the deck. I was in charge of making sure that the lifeboats didn't fly away, and everyone else was either furiously trying to keep the boat on course or helping with what was already being done. While I was tying down the 2nd lifeboat for the 5th time, a gigantic wave washed over the deck and I fell down, whacking my head on the deck and blacking out.

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