Titanic; on the other side of the Iceberg

This is about Titanic, except it is told from someone who was not originally on the ship! I used all of my great knowledge on ships and the ocean and Titanic to write the story.


2. A Journey Begins

   I was no more than 15 years old at the time, my mom was a worker in the Textile Mills. My father was in a coma after an accident when my father was hit by a new model T ford and flew into the lake near Cape Canaveral, which was where we lived. I was a busy school student and a part time railroad builder. On average nights I would come home, and then I would ask my mom about her day. She would not give a big reply because she was awfully depressed after my father went into a coma. After that we would check in with father at the hospital, eat a little stewed prunes and some Quaker oats, we couldn't afford much. However, on April 6, 1912 mom came home with some very interesting news.

   "Hey, mom I'm  home," I said, as I would say any other day.

   "Son, there is something we need to talk about," my mom whispered, her face full of gloom.

   "What is it?" I asked, sitting down at the dining room table, where she was already sitting.

   "Your father died today," mom said. "At noon. He was having his bedside table cleaned by the nurse, when she realized that his heart rate had gone increasingly down. Too low. Within minutes, it was too late. The doctor could not save him." Mom started crying. I did too. I couldn't believe that he held on this whole time, just to let go and to have us crying here, and to put us through that much pain and misery the last few months. But then, something jumped to my mind.

   "But, now that he is gone, won't we have to pay his hospital bill from when he was in there?" I pondered, nervous of what the answer might be.

   "Yes, and I'm afraid that we can't afford it," mom sobbed. "We could not afford it even with all of your fathers' inheritance. Tomorrow, the bank will come, and take our stuff." I sobbed. Mom sobbed. We were going to lose everything. Our house, our food, our jobs. I couldn't take it. I pushed my way through to outside, and I fell and just cried and cried. It was over. We needed to go somewhere that welcomed people like us, but my mind was blank. But I remembered something from when I was working, some of the gossip. While I was pounding on the metal, one of the employees said

   "Did you hear about that secret trip going to Newfoundland?" one man said.

   "Yeah, the one where a few people are going to Newfoundland to get new jobs, and new money? That one?" the other guy replied.

   "Yeah, that is going to happen the 10th, at noon." said the guy.

   I had an idea.

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