Valentines Day with One Direction

This is a short story of a girl who soo much wanted to meet one direction...


1. Short Story

Taylors POV

"Another Valentines day is coming and no one to love"...While my radio was playing One Direction Summer Love came on and i was thinking what if i could spend my valentines day with One Direction. I was thinking of what i would say to Zayn because i was in love with him. Also what would i say to the rest of the boys? That would be the best day of my life... After the song was over the DJ on the radio announced that there was a contest for One Direction spending a day with them! I was so excited that i called once the lines opened up, and i was the right caller and was going to meet One Direction on VALENTINES DAY!!! I jumped up and down and screamed, after we hung up i screamed and my parents came in and asked what was going on. i said "IM GOING TO GO SEE ONE DIRECTION ON VALENTINES DAY!!!" " Who said you could go? You never asked." I started crying "Can i?" i tried to say. "I dont know... sure why not" "OMG YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST PARENTS EVER!!!!!" i ran to them and gave them each a big hug! i was so excited for Febuary 12!


Febuary 11

OMG im meeting One Direction tomorrow! Omg im so excited! I could scream again!

Febuary 12 1:00 am

Well now im off to the airport to go meet One Direction! Wow i cant believe this is actually happening to me, Taylor is going to meet One Direction in 10 hours. I wish the flight wasnt so long but thats ok, i can plan what to say to the boys when i meet them!


Finally im at the airport and One Direction is standing by the baggage claim place so i go over to them and say who i am and they make sure its the right person. so we get my one bag (since its only a day thing) and head to there hotel. When were in the limo and they ask me questions, i answer and vis versa. We talked like we were actually friends. This is going to be the best Valentines Ever!!!!!!!

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