Visiting the Doctor

Traveling with Clara is fun and all. Until you turn on the news.


1. The TV

Awaking from a deep sleep, the smell of fresh suflees filled the air as I slipped in to my slippers. For the floor of my brand new TARDIS is a bit chilly by now. "Oi! Clara! Is that breakfast I smell?" I shouted to Clara all the way from my room on the top floor. It's a bit to small. I'll make it a bit bigger later tonight. "You bet it is!" She replied. I came down and sat in the comfy chairs that I decided to add in Clara's personal kitchen. "So... Is there like a TARDIS news channel. Like TARDIS news channel 5 at 10?" She asked. Quite a stupid question if you asked me. But I pushed that remark off to the side and gave her the answer I believed she was looking for. "No, but there is a general new station that automatically feeds it's way in to any traveling machine the enters into the Outer Circular Cloud which was created after a white dwarf went nova. Which is impossible and how it was created. Confusing but true," I paused for a moment letting my new companion comprehend what I had just explained. The confused look on her face lingered for a bit to long. She isn't as brilliant as she was when I found her locked inside if a Dalek. I extinguish the look from her face, I turned the TARDIS's tele to OCC News. After watching random stuff commence, something relivent appeared on the screen. The broadcaster said, "And with that, there is a safe way to travel in and out of parelle universes with out ripping a whole in the fabric of space and time. Unfortunately the one way to do this has been left in space hurtling towards earth. In other news.." Before I finished eating, I noticed myself running toward ls the controls trying to find this technology. Clara followed me into the control room. Before I knew it I was crying. Not happy tears. Not sad tears. Only confused tears. For the one person whom I sent to the farthest corner of my mind, I will be able to see again. Rose Tyler
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