The Soccer Girl

Hello im Alin i am 17 years old i get along more with boys no i am not a whore im just a tomboy and no i am not a lysbian i get made fun of by girls cuz i love soccer. Im in the school soccer team im the only girl. Im the only girl in the field. Im also made fun of at home by my mum. But when a guy comes into my life it all changes.


5. What?

It was 6:30 i had to be at soccer practice at 7:00. I had taken a shower last night so i just got my hair in a bun and but my soccer practice uniform and grabbed my equipment and ran down stairs.
"Honey were you going eat something before you go", Lizbeth (mummy) yelled from the kitchen
"I going to soccer practice and no thanks"i yelled back
"You again with soccer your a girl not a guy to play soccer" she yelled angry
"So what like if i care"
"You should you came out to be a lysbian" she yelled
"Just cuz i like soccer dosent means im a lysbian"
I ran out of the house and ran all the way to the field. When i got there i saw a huge bus outside the schools field. It had 5 faces on it and a big sign sayin ONE DIRECTION i wonder myself until i came up to the blondies face o couldnt belive it. I was interupted by a guys hand in my face. I looked at him and it was one of the guys on the bus.
"Can i help you maaam" he asked in a sassy way
"No thankz i was just wondering what are you doing here?" I asked
"Umm..umm.... Resting yea resting from our tour" he said un concern
"Alright then im Alin"
"Nice to meet you miss Alin im Louis the Tommo Tomlinson"he said
"Alright nice to meet you Louis bye now" "Bye"he said
He waved at me and i waved back. I ran into the field put my bag down and ran were the team was. "Alin Alin is here Omg Alin is here" they scram at the couch. "Great our champion is here" he said back to them "alright"i said
*skip practice
I got my bag i was the last one in the field. When i hear a irish voice behind me saying hello.
I turn around and say hi back. "I saw you last time in the tournament" he said "i saw you to"i reply "your really good for a girl" "uh thankz i guess" "i know this is crazy but do you want to go out on a date to know each other better"he asked "uhh sure ill love to" "alright when and what time" "um how bout on Friday at 6:00 pm" "sure ill pick you up only if you let me take you so i could know were you live" "alright then" we hop on the bus i saw before and i said the directions to my house.
"Oh by the way im Niall" "nice to meet yoy Niall im Alin"
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