The Soccer Girl

Hello im Alin i am 17 years old i get along more with boys no i am not a whore im just a tomboy and no i am not a lysbian i get made fun of by girls cuz i love soccer. Im in the school soccer team im the only girl. Im the only girl in the field. Im also made fun of at home by my mum. But when a guy comes into my life it all changes.


2. Tournament

Alin P.O.V
I heard a ringing noise i didnt know what it was. I opened my eyes to see my alarm beeping. I pound it and cover my head with the bed sheets. I hear loud running footsteps coming towards my bedroom door. The door slams but im still under the sheets.
"Alin wake its a special day today come on",i heard Mike
"Alin your gonna be late",Sammi
"Alin its time they are gonna lose if you dont get your ass up",Tyler
"Guys guys let our champion sleep", Frank
"Are you kidding get up Alin get up or punishment", Anthony (daddy)
"Im up god im up im up can you guys get out so i could change",Alin
"Thats our Alin",they all say together
They went out and i got up took a quick shower and put on my soccer uniform. I was 3 min late i thought to myself it was no beggi but i guess it was. We were against a London high school. I thought it was cool. I got to school ran to the field. My couch (Couch Walter) saw me and ran to me.
"Alin were have you been thank god for hearing my prayers", couch Walter
"Okay umm.... alright whats the score", i asked him

"You dont want 2 know", he told me
He called time out switch Rodger (my best friend) and me. Before i went in Rodger told me "Good luck this guys are good" "Dont worry i can handle them"i told him
I was going in the field when i hear the entire school cheering and saying thank god. And in the other side i heard laughing and people saying they are losing. I was gonna prove them wrong. The guys from the other team started laughing. The game was gonna begin again.
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