The Soccer Girl

Hello im Alin i am 17 years old i get along more with boys no i am not a whore im just a tomboy and no i am not a lysbian i get made fun of by girls cuz i love soccer. Im in the school soccer team im the only girl. Im the only girl in the field. Im also made fun of at home by my mum. But when a guy comes into my life it all changes.


3. Prove them wrong

Alright its time to prove all of them wrong, i thought to myself. The whistle rang i got the ball ran to the opponents goal and i passed it to one of our guys he ran passed to me and all i heard was silent and then i hear people screaming goal goal all of the guys running to me an nocking me to the ground. I still didnt know the score. When i saw it i couldnt belive it was barley 2-1 we had our first not for long. I got the ball again and i kinda trick one of the other guys and made it pass the others and made another goal. The crowd went wild it was a tie there was 4 min left. "I could do this get your head in the game in the game", i thought to myself. Got the ball passed it got it and score. Got it again and score. 2 goals in 4 or 3 min god that was a great game. I found myself on the ground cover by guys. I got up and then i got tackled down again by my brothers. Alright i got up ok no more tackles. I got a huge from my daddy and my couch. While i got my stuff i and i saw someone starring at me. I saw him he was a blond and brunette guy with gorgeous blue eyes. He was alright who am i kidding he was really cute. I smiled at him and he started blushing. Alright that was weird alright. But then my brother Sammi out of no were tackled me.
"The hell Sammi",i said
"Luv you my champion", he said
I saw the guys smile fade and we turned away.
"I hate having brothers like you but love them",i told him
"Ok im confuse you hate them or love them",he said
"Forget it Sammi",i told him
I turn to find the guy but he wasnt there no more ummm who could he be.
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