The Soccer Girl

Hello im Alin i am 17 years old i get along more with boys no i am not a whore im just a tomboy and no i am not a lysbian i get made fun of by girls cuz i love soccer. Im in the school soccer team im the only girl. Im the only girl in the field. Im also made fun of at home by my mum. But when a guy comes into my life it all changes.


8. First Date

Its Friday Sammi hadent said anything yet im not really ready to though. Sammi comes bursting in my room."ohh Alin guess what day is it""ummm its FRIDAYYY!!!""oww dont scream""yes its friday so what""first date with Niall-"i cut him of "shut up Sam""alright what happen to Sammi i see how it is""Sammi plz""alright alright ill let you change" he shit the door i stand up and checked my phone. I had 5 text msgs and 2 missed calls. I read my msgs they were from Niall and Rodger.
From: Niall
Good Morning Beautiful
I smiled at the msg
Hey Alin
I read the rest
Im not gonna pick you up at the time you said ill pick you up at 2:00pm
Cant wait to see you ;)
I smiled once more and the rest msgs were from Rodger.
Do you want to go for a movie with the guys
Or whatever you want
We are leaving at 2:00pm
I checked the clock and it was 12:00pm.
I replied Niall first
Okay ill wait for you and i cant wait to see you to :)
Then to Rodger
Sorry Rod i cant i have plans already some other time Rod
rodger that Rod
I got a reply from Both at the same time hmm weird.
Alright the babe i cant wait to see youuuuu wear something sexy even though you are already sexy enough ;) luv you babe
Alright that made me blush
"OK" alright ill see you cant wait to see you to
Then Rodger
:( :( :( :( awww alright then Ally yes i rodger that
Dont be sad Rodger some other time
No response i got ready. I went into my closet and picked out grey skinny jea
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