The Soccer Girl

Hello im Alin i am 17 years old i get along more with boys no i am not a whore im just a tomboy and no i am not a lysbian i get made fun of by girls cuz i love soccer. Im in the school soccer team im the only girl. Im the only girl in the field. Im also made fun of at home by my mum. But when a guy comes into my life it all changes.


1. Introduction

Hello im Alin well im the only girl in the soccer team at school. Only girl in my family. I have 5 brothers. Mike is 23, Frank is 22, Conner is 20, Tyler is 19, Sammi is 18, and i am Alin i am 17. We are the Rodriguez family. My daddy is Anthony he is 40 years old and my mummy is Lizbeth she is 38 years old.
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