Not a Fan Until Now

Jessie is a normal British teenager. Expect for the fact that her dad can't hold a job. They have already moved to fifteen different houses since Janurary and it's only March 1st. Finally he gets a job that he might accutually be able to keep. the only problem is it is like 17 hour day so she never sees him and since she's homeschooled this provides a big problem especially since her neighbors are so loud and always have security around the house. she finally goes and investigates'll just have to read the rest!


3. Unpacking


Jessie looked in her bag. "Really?" She said angry with herself. Would she seriously have to meet the neighbors already? She had known that she would have to meet them sometime but not so soon. She had to though she had forgotten do buy conditioner before they left and the closest store was fifteen miles away. And even though she could drive with a liscensed driver her dad was passed out on the couch. So carefully and slowly she unpacked all her clothes and books. So carefully she pulled out the mirrior and put it on her bed. She would take a shower before putting away the cluttered mess. Which meant going over to ask the neighbors if they had any conditioner Jessie could borrow. So dreading every footstep she walked over to the neighbors big house with security cameras all around it. She slowly walked up the stairs. Jessie knocked. She was unsure and just when she was about to walk away the door was opened by a hot but strangely familar boy. He said, " HI ummm not to be rude or anything what do you want?" She answered,"Well I just moved in next door and well I was wondering if anyone here would have any conditioner I could borrow I forgot to get some." "No problem." The guy with the curly hair had said as he gestured for her to follow him into the house.


I wonder if this hot girl knows who I am? She doesn't seem to so she is either really good at controling her feelings or else she is just not a fan. " So do you like One Direction?" I say casually. The girl answers almost too quickly "No." So not a fan. But maybe she just doesn't like all of us. " Oh come on you must think one of us I mean them are hot." She still responds quickly "No." Just when I'm about to give up she says " No wait. I take that back I sorta like Harry he's funny and so hot." I'm so happy my feet almost come off the gorund. I could fly! I almost try it until I see the look in her eyes. She thinks I'm a creep. I clear my throat and say. Yeah he is awesome infact I've heard that he's in town. You know I actually think that he lives on this street." Going into the bathroom I pick out my favorite conditioner and put my name and phone number on it. When she reads it she'll either freak or be all blushy that she says so much nice and negative things about me and my friends.


This guy is kinda cute but idk if I really like him. He just gave me the bottle of conditioner he's telling me that he put his name and phone number on the bottle. I look down at the number but what catches my eye is the name. I can feel my face getting red. I just insulted One Direction in front of HARRY STYLES! I look up and see that this is the response he had wanted. I mutter the word sorry and run out of the house. I can here him calling after me but I don't turn around. I wonder if he is really mad. 

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