Not a Fan Until Now

Jessie is a normal British teenager. Expect for the fact that her dad can't hold a job. They have already moved to fifteen different houses since Janurary and it's only March 1st. Finally he gets a job that he might accutually be able to keep. the only problem is it is like 17 hour day so she never sees him and since she's homeschooled this provides a big problem especially since her neighbors are so loud and always have security around the house. she finally goes and investigates'll just have to read the rest!


1. Moving.......Again

A girl was finishing packing up this would make what was it now? The fourteen no fifteen time they had moved? Again she was forced to pack all of her belongings(which she didn't have very many of by now) for yet another trip across England just because her dad had yet again lost his job for one of the various reasons. That,at least, was usual. She didn't even care anymore. The last thing she had to pack was the full length mirror that had been her mothers. When she picked it up the girl looked in it at her reflection. She was normal looking not to pretty but most definitly not  ugly. The girl had long red hair that came down to her waist, strikingly blue eyes but her most stunning feature was her height, she towered over most people her age. Which was incredibly impresive being as her dad was only 5' 2". She heard her dad call and she began to gently slide the mirror carefully into the box her mother had had made for it, he screamed very unnesicarily since he was only a room over, "Jessie!" He yelled sharply, " Are you almost done packing? We don't want to miss the train like last week do we?" Her father, John said appearing in her doorway trying to cram several sleeping pills in his mouth at once so he wouldn't have to listen to her complaining all the way there. As he knew very well she would. John wasn't in the best shape even though he had once worked as a physical trainer. Another useless phase her mother would've said. He was short and fastly approaching baldness. He was smart but almost completly blind. Jessie choked back the tears she always remembered her mom dying and having to bury her in the backyard herself when her father proved to cheap to buy a casket and a peice of land in a cemetary when she put the old mirrior in its even older box.  She said shakily trying to keep her eyes from blurring up, " Yes I I just have to put this mirrior in the van." Jessie slipped the mirrior quickly onto her sholder and slide past her father, whom she loathed even more than the idea he and once been married to her mother. Mother. It had been 6 years ago that she had died. Even now she could remember the day just like it was yesterday. Her mothers breathing getting fainter and fainter. She had been ready to die for awhile but Jessie wasn't ready. She reached out and took her dying mothers cold lifeless hand. Dying. her doctor had said it was hopeless but Jessie still had hope until the day her father had called her in their room. Shakily her mum had said so softly it was barely aduible, " Jessie? My dear dear Jessie. Please don't leave me." Jessie was already breaking down and when her mother had said this she just cried harder. Squeezed her moms hand a little more firmer. Finally she had taken her last breathe. Jessie looked up. Her mom looked more peaceful then she had in years. Jessie then started to prepare her moms corpse to be buried, she fixed her hair in the normal but oh so pretty ponytail her mother insistantly kept her hair in every day. She had been heartbroken when her father had said that they couldn't afford to bury her mother properly so they buried her like she was a dog who was close to the family but not to close and put her in the backyard. This was hardly what her mom had deserved it also wasn't entirely legal, at least Jessie didn't think so. The next day her father had started drinking. The next week he lost his job. By the next month they were moving and moving and moving almost every week. It had gotten better as the years passed but they still moved so much that even though Jessie was smart, she couldn't do well in school. Her grades dropped. Finally her dad told her she could homeschool herself when she had time. Also another idea she hadn't thought was entirely legal. He had been drunk at the time though and she had learned within the first two weeks never to go against his plans when he was drunk. She smiled sadly at the memory. He had said they were moving. She said no. Jessie had ended up with a blue eye and a bloody nose. That was the year she had turned ten. She was sixteen now.  Even though she moved a lot she still kept up on what was popular she saved her allowance and bought herself up-to-date clothes and she even knew about all the popular bands and singers. She loved Cody Simpson and The Wanted, but she hated One Direction. Ugh. Even the name was so stupid. Their music was much worse. As she climbed into the back of the van, she thought about the new video that they had made. It didn't even make sense! Her father had turned on the radio and a song she absolutly adored came on. She started to sing along but as soon as she started to sing her father snapped sharply at her from the front of the six seat van that smelled like expired milk, " Stop your aweful schreeching! Can't you see I'm trying to drive here? Can you ever just learn that your voice is aweful?" He was in one of his moodes she knew to stop singing.

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