Not a Fan Until Now

Jessie is a normal British teenager. Expect for the fact that her dad can't hold a job. They have already moved to fifteen different houses since Janurary and it's only March 1st. Finally he gets a job that he might accutually be able to keep. the only problem is it is like 17 hour day so she never sees him and since she's homeschooled this provides a big problem especially since her neighbors are so loud and always have security around the house. she finally goes and investigates'll just have to read the rest!


4. Last Chapter

*Jessie* *Two Days Later*

Harry came running up behind me an took me by suprise. He almost tackled me he was running so fast. he grabbed me from behind, turned me around, and let go as soon as he realised we were still pretty much strangers. He said don't run away. I love you. I blushed I'm sure I did. He grabbed my waist and kissed me softly on the neck, slowly working his way up to my mouth wit a trail of kisses. I'm not sure if I like it though so I pull away. he looks confused. So I say look I really like you but umm I think my dad might be watching us. We both look up at the house nope. To bad i was hoping he might be so I could ask him to go back to bed were he is at least useful. Look, I said, You are dating me but seriously? No more running up behind me okay if you're grip had been any losser I would've punched you. He laughed and we walked away to the park to celebrate our second day together.  

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