Not a Fan Until Now

Jessie is a normal British teenager. Expect for the fact that her dad can't hold a job. They have already moved to fifteen different houses since Janurary and it's only March 1st. Finally he gets a job that he might accutually be able to keep. the only problem is it is like 17 hour day so she never sees him and since she's homeschooled this provides a big problem especially since her neighbors are so loud and always have security around the house. she finally goes and investigates'll just have to read the rest!


2. Finally There

*Next Day*

When Jessie finally woke up from her over long sleep on the train her father was shaking her not very nicely. He had been trying to wake her up for a while now and he was an the verge of anger.  When she finally awoke she saw the train car had been taken over with beer bottles. She looked at her father, he seemed mad so she kept queit about how much money they had and how expensive his drinking habbit had become. john finally said, "About time I've been shaking you for over an hour!" Jessie replied queitly pretending she hadn't heard him," Where are we? What ime is it?" Jessie looked down at her watch she had slept for over nine hours. Then she lookes out the window. The sign that was passing quickly said approaching blank city. the sign had been grafitied. She couldn't read it. Jessie turned to her drunk father. He hiccuped then he slurred the words that came out of his mouth together, "Wealmo-hiccup-stdare"He said then fell asleep. She took out her ipad and started to finissh up the last post on her blog until probably a week from then. It said : Well almost to the worst town in the world.....did some research appearently home to some famous person. Hopefully not One Direction! Well I'll probably have to finish this later but for all the girls who ahve posted questions about how to deal w/ living w/ a drunk dad I advise u that until the next time i can blog to look up the website Well gtg trains pulling into the station. Jessie looked up as she shut the very confusing case to her ipad she saw the bus that they would have to catch she knew they would never make it. She starred at her dad...maybe he would wake up... she really hated having to wake him up.

*At the House*

 As she dragged her dad in behind her(he wouldn't wake up) she saw that the house really was the cheapest place on the block inside and out. "Oh well" she thought "it wouldn't be for long" How wrong she was.

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