Fan Fiction for Contest ( Harry Styles )

Harry Styles Fan Fiction for Contest.
Harry is your Best Friend ever! You have a Boyfriend. It's Valentines Day and things get a bit, Complicated between you,your boyfriend Sage and Harry. You have to do some decision making and thinking. What will happen?


1. Harry Styles Fan Fic


                So It's Valentines Day. Your laying in bed, Hoping your Boyfriend, Sage will call of text you to spend the day of LOVE together. Your getting pretty mad that it's 4:50pm and he hasn't called. You stay in bed and just watch movies. Your doorbell rings. You pull the blanket off, thinking it's Sage. But It's not. It's your Bestest Friend in the whole wide world! Harry!

" HARRY! " You squealed and hug him.

" Y/N! I came by to see if you were home...I didn't think you would be, I thought Sage would have taken you out by now... " Harry said releasing the hug.

" I thought to. But He didn't " You sighed, walking back into my house. Harry closed the door and walking behind you.

" Well.... Y/N... I have to tell you something... " Harry said. I hadn't noticed he had his hand behind his back the whole time.

" Yes? " You asked, walking into the living room, sitting on the coach.

" Here... " He said shyly and handing me a box of chocolates.

" AHH! Harry! You shouldn't have! " You said and hugged him.

" Well I did! I was wondering, since you don't have any plans with your Boyfriend we co- "  Harry was stopped

Your boyfriend walked into the house. He looked up and saw Harry.

" Really Y/N? He HAS to be here?!? " He said hanging up his coat.

" Well, Ya Know, It's quiet nice of him to come and bring me chocolates, when my own boyfriend, doesn't even call me or anything and comes to take me out at 5:00pm! " You said.

" Oh, Babe! I wasn't going to take you out! I was just coming to stop by. " He said walking over to the recliner.

You were shocked. You Boyfriend wasn't going to take you out on Valentines Day but Your Best Friend was!

" Well, I guess you can go back home know. I'm going out with Harry! " You said holding onto his bicep.

" No Your Not! " Your boyfriend said sitting in the recliner.

" Yes I am! " You said, getting up, pulling Harry up with you.

Your Boyfriend stood up.

" No your not! " He growled.

" Give her some space! She's not a Dog! " Harry growled back at Him.

" This is all your fault! " Your Boyfriend Yelled, Taking Harry from your Grasp and slamming him into the wall, holding onto his collar.

You banged on your boyfriends back. " GET OFF OF HIM! " You yelled

He punched Harry, Then you slapped him upside the head and he turned around.

" Did you just... Just hit me? " He asked

" YES! GET OFF OF HIM! " You yelled at him.

He slapped you, you fell down.

" DON'T TOUCH HER! " Harry yelled and punched your boyfriend down.

Harry picked you up Bridal Style and set you in his car. He placed his hand over the slap, you winced.

" You Know Y/N.... If I was your Boyfriend... I'd never touch you like that. " Harry said, kissing your forehead and walking to the other side of the car.

He sat down and started the engine.

" Y/N.... Would you be my Girlfriend? "  Harry asked you, in a serious tone.

" I'd Love to be your girlfriend, Harry. " You said and kissed him. He grinned and you both spent the rest of the day in London.

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