All Alone

Kara was living happily in her apartment until the rent price was so high and she couldn't pay for it. She is forced to leave her apartment and has nowhere to live. Her parents? She hasn't talked to them in years. Friends? They aren't very close. A very unexpected car shows up and offers her a ride. She eventually falls in love with a very special man.


1. Chapter 1.

Kara's POV:

    I'm Kara. I live in London, England and I'm 18 years old. I have dark brown hair and bright blue eyes. I live in a small apartment with one bedroom and one bathroom. I work at a cupcake bakery and don't make much money. I have always been able to afford my apartment and have lived there for a little over a year. One day I got the bills and the rent fee and it was more than it ever was before. I didn't have the money to pay the rent. It is so devastating. I packed up my clothes, called the owner, and payed for the final rent I would ever pay to stay at that apartment. I took one last look at that apartment, and walked away. I had nowhere to go. I haven't talked to my parents in years. My friends all don't have any room for me. I don't know where to go. I just decided to go out on the road and search fora place to live.

    As i was walking, I heard thuder and tried to search for a cover to stay under but was out of luck. I went out onto the highway, hoping someone would find me and offer me a ride. I started to search for something to eat and couldn't find anything so I decided to go to the local park and sleep under a tent. The bad thing is, the park is at least five miles away from where i was.

Harry's POV:

    It was a chilly Fall night, and the boys and i had just finished performing a great concert at the O2 arena and were on our way to the next concert. We had just ordered food to our bus rest stop and were eating when we saw a beautiful Brown-haired, Blue-eyed girl that just happened to have caught my eye. We all five eventually saw her and yelled at our driver to pull over so we could offer her a ride. We pulled over and she seemed really surprised and a little frightened that we pulled over to her. We all hopped off of the bus and she froze with shock.

Kara's POV:

    Could it be? is that really One Direction climbing out of that bus , walking towards me?


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